what beautiful battlefields you are
"I used to build dreams about you."
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You plead not guilty to all charges again.
You forget that most of last year is still rotten in my mouth.
You forget I can still taste the chalk outlines
under my tongue in the mornings.
You forget that the caution tape still hangs across my bed
like a warning for anyone trying to save me.
You forget that crime scenes and home
smell the same to me these days.
Like smoke. Like metal. Like empty.

Your mouth is the burial ground and the battle field.
Most war zones avoid being loved
but these lips remember your bloody kind of sacred.
Your teeth are tombstones with the names unreadable.
Your teeth are tombstones with the dates scratched out.

You morphed my voice into a leaking faucet.
You pushed me into rooms with no way out.
You led me to corners with music boxes
that only played your name.
You strung together cobwebs and
shadows that whispered like you.
Like please and more and yes.
Like kiss me and don’t and again.

There aren’t as many ways to forget someone
as you think there are.
So I set my house on fire
until your footsteps are only smoke and charcoal.
So I almost forget not to stay as it burns.
So I stop picking up the phone.
So I leave town and change my name
and learn not to talk about the mistakes
I fell in love with.
About the monster I fed with my own skin.

Crime Scenes & Left Over Love Affairs | Yasmin & Ramna (via inkywings)

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There is a bird’s
nest inside of
my body,
and I am so sick
of turning myself
into a home
for things that
only know how
to fly away.

— Y.Z (via rustyvoices)

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"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness" Kurt Vonnegut 
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I really love this

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Santa Fe, July 2011
Skyler J. Edwards

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Let’s pretend every brush stroke is a metaphor for whatever you want. Don’t laugh, I will get better at this whole painting thing.

This are such beautiful drawings. OMG. I love these.

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Glow x

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Anonymous: where did you get your theme from??

here you go love:


and here is my specific one:


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BanksyYou are one wry little genius.

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Anonymous: Awhhh I really love your blog. You are so nice to everyone. Kisses from Europe

You’re such a sweetheart thank you and it’s still crazy to me that I am able to connect with people from all around the world, it makes my head hurt. Have a lovely day!

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Anonymous: He came to visit and it's been a year and half since we broke up. We kept in touch daily anyways so I agreed to see him. And then I saw him again. And again... I never dated anyone after he broke me.. The pain and anger are still here. But I fell for him again. I thought I was over him but I'm not. But he told me he can never do long distance. And I know from previous conversations that he already likes someone else...He's leaving Wednesday and idk what to do... I don't want him leaving me again

I know it’s hard, lovely. I know one sided love has a way of emptying a person out, but moving on begins when you let it happen. Live your life without him. Love with your entire heart. Let yourself be sad when you need to be. And then let yourself get better.

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Anonymous: it was!! i had a dream that i met you and you were in my english class omg i cry :( (even though idk what you look like) lmao you're so so so beautiful i love you

Oh my gosh I’m squealing this is so cute. I’m gonna save this, okay? Thank you, love.

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Excerpt from my journal:
"I jumped in the ocean to make myself feel alive. All I got was cold hands and seaweed in my hair."

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