what beautiful battlefields you are
"I used to build dreams about you."
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Your woodpecker heart
is knocking at the
wrong trees again,
and you don’t have anywhere to put
the destruction in you.
I don’t know what knocked
it out of you this time,
but I do know that you’re
more than a home
that couldn’t survive the storm.
And you’re more than
the wind that caused it
in the first place.

— Y.Z, reconstruction and reinvention (via rustyvoices)

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Anonymous: the advice you give people is as amazing as advice could get. i really hope you give this type of advice to yourself as well, because with that you tell people, you deserve a life with lots of love and happiness.

thank you thank you thank you my love. you’re made of goodness.

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Anonymous: my love for your blog are beyond words

oh thank you so much!!

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by jenny holzer (+)

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Anonymous: My dad killed himself 2 months ago and everything has been so bleak but your blog makes me feel good things again and I can never ever thank you enough for that, you're like the sun bursting through the clouds on a rainy day x

I’m so so sorry you’re going through a hard time. It means everything that my blog could help even a little. I’m sending so much love to you right now.

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Flaming June isn’t leaving this party with nobody to love
Flaming June (1895), Sir Frederic Leighton / Bound2, Kanye West

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(by planetmithi)

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Anonymous: I'm a music major and it makes me just want to cry sometimes with how competitive it is and how much I keep messing things up or the fact that the music's so hard I can't play in symphony orchestra right now. I just feel so lost and I don't want to cry in the practice rooms anymore. I don't want the joy to be sucked out of me just like the upperclassmen--they look dull and dead all the time.

oh my angel, I’m sorry they took the passion out of you. I’m sorry they ruined it until you couldn’t recognize it anymore. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Play for yourself. Play until the music is coming out of you and not the instrument anymore.

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Do you love me enough that I may be weak with you?

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Award-winning image by Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda. Taken after a street demonstration in Yemen on October 15, 2011, it features a woman, Fatima al-Qaws, holding her son, Zayed, who suffered from tear gas

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Anonymous: You haven't answered my question:(

I’m sorry, baby, I can’t keep keep up sometimes. Try sending it again, please!

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Anonymous: Im completly heartbroken and i just feel alone and lost and i dont know what to do, but your writing always makes me feel something and thats really nice so thank you.

I’m sorry you haven’t been your best, lovely. I’m glad my writing could help though. Always means the most to me.

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Anonymous: Every boy I meet, leaves. Why am I not good enough for them to stay?

you are, you are, you are. but people come and they grow in a different direction, and it’s not your fault. the right people will find you. they always do.

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