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'its just a feeling i get'
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 Anonymous: Do you have a poetry book available for purchase/are you working on one?

No, I am sorry buddy, but I promise I would say something if I did :) Also it makes me really happy that you are interested in a book, so thank you for being amazing in every way.

Your knees bruise easily
like summer fruit that is too ripe and too ready
to be forgiven.
Tonight, you are the loudest prayer in the room,
and nobody notices.
Maybe by this time tomorrow
your shaking hands will already have all the answers,
but you’ll never know until you finally start trusting them
the right way again.
Y.Z, for my future daughter
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 Anonymous: How often do you check your tag?

Every few days, sunflower

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Maren Celest
 Anonymous: hi darling, so yesterday my mother found out about me and the boy I've been dating for the past 5 months but have liked for 5 years. He is everything I was looking for and things I didn't even know I needed. Now we can't see eachother any more and I am still trying to breathe without my lungs collapsing. We want to hold on to this but it isn't fair to either of us and will only make it end worse in the long run. Your words always help , please help . - z

I am so sorry you are going through a hard time. You’re so very strong, and I know it all feels hopeless right now, but it isn’t. Trust me, it isn’t. If love couldn’t stay for the long haul this time, then it just means something else is coming. Maybe it won’t show up for a while, but it will show up. Be there for yourself in the meantime, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Healing comes slowly, but you’ll get there.

 Anonymous: The Shack. It's a really good book. Sorry don't remember the author.

I’ll look into it, thank you, you shining star!

When he decides he doesn’t love you anymore,
here is what you do: Move on quietly. Love yourself
© 2014 Karese Burrows (via fluerishing)
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